Mike Pavlish

The Gain/Escape Copywriting Tip

All copywriting includes the benefits to be gained… But the most successful copywriting ALSO includes … the NEGATIVES that will be REMOVED from the buyers life. Why? People are even MORE motivated to ESCAPE a NEGATIVEthan they are to gain a positive. If you only talk about gaining positives, you are missing outon a more… Continue reading The Gain/Escape Copywriting Tip

Mike Pavlish’s Empath Copywriting Secret

The Empath Copywriting Technique that generated $700 Million in supplement sales If you want a BIG increase in your conversion rates, and to make a lot more money, read this … Here’s a secret I use to write copy that crushes it and that has has sold over $700 Million in health supplements and info… Continue reading Mike Pavlish’s Empath Copywriting Secret

The Mike Pavlish Curiosity Principle

Curiosity, used properly, can dramatically increase the conversion rate, sales and profits of your direct response advertising. Curiosity can be as effective as using traditional customer benefits, and sometimes even more so. When copywriting combines these two together –curiosity and customer benefits– it can increase the response rate of advertising exponentially. Curiosity is extremely powerful… Continue reading The Mike Pavlish Curiosity Principle