Mike Pavlish

Mike Pavlish’s Empath Copywriting Secret

The Empath Copywriting Technique that generated $700 Million in supplement sales

If you want a BIG increase in your conversion rates,

and to make a lot more money, read this …

Here’s a secret I use to write copy that crushes it

and that has has sold over $700 Million in health

supplements and info products.

I call it The Empath Copywriting Technique.

It’s based on this premise:

If you can think like your prospect is thinking

on the deepest emotional level, bond with him,

then promise him what he wants most (that your

product delivers), he will buy your product.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more powerful

than this to write copy that compels the prospect

to buy almost as if they have no choice.

That’s because with this technique I am channeling

the prospects mind on the subconscious level and

fulfilling his needs so much deeper and more

meaningful than other copy he sees.

I have long been a student of the subconscious mind,

and its incredible effect on human behavior.

Most copywriting only scratches the surface of what

the prospect really wants. When I become an Empath,

my copy goes to the subconscious mind many levels

deep and nails it.

I get out of MY mind and get into the prospect’s mind.

Instead of being ME, I become HIM (the prospect).

This technique does not just put me in the shoes of the

prospect I’m writing to ..




Because the most effective copywriting comes from

the HEART and NOT from the HEAD.

So how do I do this?

First, I do all my copywriting research.

Then I lay on a couch and spend however long is

necessary to deeply relax and become the actual

prospect I’ll be writing the sales letter to.

In great vivid detail.

Then I press “play” on a recorder and start freestyle


I record exactly what the prospect is thinking about

the problem/solution I’m writing about.

His pains, fears, problems, hopes, dreams, doubts,

skepticism, everything.

Nothing judged. Nothing filtered. Nothing held back.

It is like a semi-hypnotic, semi-conscious brain dump.

Then I have this brain dump of the prospect transcribed

from voice into words.

I take these words and use them in the sales copy.

These feelings and thoughts from the subconscious

mind are what the prospect is really feeling, what he

really wants, and this is what will sell him above all


What’s different about this technique compared

to regular prospect research?

This technique goes much deeper because you

freestyle in a relaxed state where real emotions

hide and with no one judging, sorting or telling

you what is right or wrong.

You just feel and talk.

You will see the huge difference when you do this,

but only if and after you do this. You can’t judge

its effectiveness until you do it.

Instead of your copy scratching the surface and

basically saying the same things as competitors do,

your copy will go much deeper and activate the real

primal buying motivations.

Your copy will be authentic, fresh, ring perfectly true,

and can send your conversion rates through the roof.

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