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If Your Copywriting Must Pull Great and Cannot Fail, Stop Here!

    -Do you want a big increase in your response rate?
    -Do you want maximum-response copywriting for a product, service, or event? 

Great, I am your solution!  My unique style of copywriting has sold $418 million worth of products!  It goes through my 58 point maximum-response checklist.  It excites the reader and makes them order from you!

If you need the highest response for your website, emails, landing pages, online sales letters or traditional media like direct mail, there’s no need to look further. My copy will communicate benefits, entice action, generate responses and create conversions, no matter what product or service you’re selling!

It’s time to take your copywriting to the next level. Get in touch with me today and together, we’ll send a message that drives success!

Trusted by over 350 businesses since 1988 including

Increase Profits 2-3x with Proven, Direct Sales Copywriting for Your Landing Pages, Website, Direct Mail and Social Media

There’s no substitute for the power of effective copywriting. The right words and a well-crafted message are what separate you from the sales you want to see.

I’ve written hundreds of direct response promotions since 1988, making millions of dollars and building great businesses for marketers like you. As an experienced copywriter, I’m all about finding the “big idea” and the right angle to deliver it from, so the final message is powerful, exciting and easy to understand. Readers can’t help but act! This is the power of great copywriting and the reason some of the world’s biggest companies have hired me to help them generate better sales.

I promise you’ll be impressed with my copy before you test it, and I guarantee you’ll see results when your campaign goes live. My goal is to double (or even triple) your profits! Let’s collaborate, so I can show you what your marketing messages have been missing.

Mike Pavlish, Direct response copywriter since 1988

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The Copywriting Secrets I Use To DOUBLE AND TRIPLE SALES – Like I’ve done for hundreds of businesses and sold $418 million in products since 1988

Want to double or triple your sales?

This is NOT basic, run-of-the-mill, “same old, same old” generic tips you’ve heard before — or ones you find on the internet.

You’ll be surprised (and even shocked) by the secrets, stories and case studies you’ll hear.

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“We had a massively successful email and Video Sales Letter (VSL)control for our Diabetes Solution Kit for several years. When it started getting burned out, we hired Mike Pavlish to freshen it up with a new “hook”. Mike’s efforts resulted in a new control that extended the life of this creative by several years, and generated millions of dollars in increased revenues. We’ve tested several creatives against what Mike wrote, and so far none have been able to beat it!” – Marty Fahncke, Barton Publishing


“We’ve hired 14 of the top copywriters in the world over the years and the #1 for results has been Mike Pavlish. Mike also comes up with great ideas for new products and promotions that have become some of our biggest winners ever. He is professional, reliable, on time, easy to work with and a terrific consultant too. We are very satisfied.”  -Scott Long, Health and Energy Publishing, LLC

Mike's brilliant copywriting pulled 3.5 times advertising cost!

“Since then, I have hired him again for several more projects. I have hired the best and most expensive A- List copywriters in the world over the past decade. I can vouch for Mike Pavlish’s professionalism and effectiveness.”  -Vik Chabra, CEO, Nexus Formulas, New York, NY


“Mike Pavlish has been EXTREMELY PROFITABLE FOR ME OVER THE PAST 7 YEARS … ONE MAILING AFTER ANOTHER! I have been able to mail millions of pieces and expand my business substantially because of their creative ideas and copywriting. I need the best, so I’ll keep using Mike. THEY CONSISTENTLY BEAT THE BEST COPYWRITERS IN THE WORLD THAT I HIRE.”   -Marketing Director, Agora Publishing, MD

Get Proven Results from an Industry Expert

Throw a stone in any direction and you’re bound to hit a decent writer. But not every writer is a good copywriter and not every copywriter has direct sales marketing experience. It takes a true, seasoned direct response copywriter to get you the sales and leads you’re looking for.

With more than three decades of experience, thousands of campaigns written and million in sales revenues generated, rest assured I’m up for the job. I’ll craft a message that helps boost your sales, build brand credibility and even generate referral sales! My only focus is your next campaign.

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