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Why Many Copywriters Promise The Moon But  Fail To Deliver Copy That Works …

And The Secrets This 30 Year Pro Uses Instead  To Write Big Winners with Over $418 Million In Sales

Mike Pavlish

Direct Response Copywriter since 1988
“The Lebron James of copywriters” is what entrepreneur Brian Sheldon of Advanced Marketing calls him.   “The millionaire maker” is what R.F.Johanson said.  A direct response copywriter for 30 years, Mike Pavlish’s copywriting has generated over $418 million in sales for direct marketers in 14 countries.

“Mike Pavlish’s copywriting for our online video sales letter resulted in a new control that generated millions of dollars in increased revenues for us.”

– Marty Fahncke, Barton Publishing, Brandon, SD

“MIKE PAVLISH’S BRILLIANT COPYWRITING PULLED 3.5 TIMES ADVERTISING COST! I have hired the best and most expensive A- List copywriters in the world over the past decade. I can vouch for Mike Pavlish’s professionalism and effectiveness.”

-Vik Chabra, Nexus Formulas, New York, NY

“Mike Pavlish has been EXTREMELY PROFITABLE FOR US OVER THE PAST 7 YEARS … one promotion after another. I need the best, so I’ll keep hiring Mike.”

– Nina Rose, Agora Inc., Baltimore, MD

“I have paid Mike Pavlish over $1 Million because he has made me many times this in extra profits.”

– Bruce Mclenehan, Imperial Marketing, Las Vegas, NV

“The number of leads has DOUBLED, and you cut my costs 40% in the bargain.”

– Cliff Killfoyle, Insurance Direct, Mentor, OH

“Mike Pavlish’s copywriting more than DOUBLED OUR CONVERSION RATE. I’ve hired many copywriters, and I’d say he’s the best money can buy. Plus he is a true gentleman and professional.”

– Robert D. Miller, Circulation Concepts, Denver, CO

“Mike, Congratulations. You’re doing fabulously well, and you deserve it!!”

– Gary Bencivenga
universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest living copywriter (now retired)

Plus – more testimonials from businesses of all types below.

Dear Direct Response Marketer,

First, thank you for visiting my website – I really appreciate your time.

You are trying to find the best copywriter for your project because you want it to be a major success – bringing in an avalanche of leads or sales – and making you a large profit.

I know it’s difficult and overwhelming shopping for a copywriter.

I know many copywriters promise the moon, but don’t deliver copy that works.

So let me tell you why I’m different, and why I deliver outstanding results:

*** Top 1% Track Record. I’ve written hundreds of big winners, new controls for businesses of all types – every format from direct mail packages, online landing pages, sales letters, emails, display advertising, Facebook and other social media ads, funnels, websites, video sales letters, webinars, Amazon product listings, radio ads, tv ads.  My copywriting has sold over $418 MILLION in products and services.  (Less than 1% of copywriters can say this.)

*** Experience.  I’ve been writing since 1988 – over 30 years – full time – every single day.  That’s 52,500 hours of experience in what works best and what doesn’t.  I go all the way back to working with Gary Halbert and speaking at his seminars in the late 80s.

*** Process.  I use a unique 58-point checklist when writing copy.  Why?  So your promotion has ALL the components in it of the most successful promotions of all time!  

*** Advice.  I’ve built 3 successful businesses of my own by doing the copywriting and hiring others.  I know what you need.  I know how to give you advice like a very successful business owner because I am one too.

*** Satisfaction Guaranteed.  You can rest easy when you hire me.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You must be delighted with the copy I send you.  If not, I will make any revisions for no additional charge.  I am only interested in long-term associations, which is why most of my clients have been with me for decades.

     You’re smart.  You know a superstar copywriter is “a must” for your business to prosper in these competitive times.  The right words make your income go KA-CHING and the wrong words make you POOR.

     Who do I write for?  Click on the “CLIENTS” tab above.  To qualify as a potential client of mine, you must be the owner or decision-maker of a direct response business with sales of at least $1 million a year. 

     Look: talk is cheap.  Anyone can talk a big game.  That’s why I’ve shown you testimonials with results from other marketers like you.  I’ve delivered stellar response and profits in competitive markets since 1988 with over $418 million in sales.

     What’s the next step?  After you’ve looked over this website a bit, use the form below to email me or call me at (330) 963-0330 for a Strategy Call.  We’ll discuss how to turn your goals into reality and what your next promotion must do.  It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE – there’s no cost or obligation.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you,

Mike Pavlish

P.S.  Want MORE PROOF you should hire me for your copywriting? 

“Mike … you’re a human dynamo! The copywriting is great and a big winner!”

– Lou Kriloff, Letter Power Institute, Chicago, IL, Two-Time Winner of the Dartnell National Gold Medal for originality and excellence in letter writing            

3 to 4 times more orders!  It has brought in 350% more orders than the previous version!”

– Bill Hudlow, Hampshire Labs

“HUGE WINNER … over 8 million pieces of direct mail sent!

 – A.N. Thompson, Star Publishing

“Your copywriting has brought in over 3 TIMES the number of subscriptions compared to what any previous advertising has ever done.”

– Stan Newman, OWW Newsletter

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Mike Pavlish, Direct response copywriter since 1988

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“Increased my income by $287,600 last year. Mike Pavlish is the best.”

– Taki Kahn, McDowell Publishers

“I have sold millions of books using advertising. I know good advertising, and Mike Pavlish writes good advertising.”

– Melvin Powers, Wilshire Book Company

“We’ve hired 14 of the top copywriters in the world over the years and the #1 for results has been Mike Pavlish.  Mike also comes up with great ideas for new products and promotions that have become some of our biggest winners ever.  He is professional, reliable, on time, easy to work with and a terrific consultant too.  We are very satisfied.” 

– Scott Long, Health and Energy Publishing LLC

Copywriting for:  Information marketers, Ecommerce sellers, nutritional supplements, investment and financial publications, diet, fitness, dating, relationships, self-improvement, sports, courses, products, seminars, events, coaches, consultants, professionals, health products, lead generation, website conversion and many other niches.

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