Mike Pavlish


Chris Haddad: You Should Hire Mike

“The only thing Mike Pavlish does better than writing copy is make me laugh my ass off. Seriously though, I get all awkward when we talk because he’s a damn copywriting superstar. He’s damn good. I keep secretly looking at his sales letters for inspiration when I’m writing. If he lets you, you should hire Mike. Right now.”
Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad
(copywriting legend and business owner)

Justin Goff:
As Good as Anything Out There

“I just looked over a blood sugar offer that Mike wrote, and it was as good as anything else out there. He nailed the emotional story perfectly.”
Justin Goff

Amber Spears:
Mike’s a World- Renowned Copywriter

“For a long time, I have heard many amazing things about Mike Pavlish, his copywriting and the results he generates. He is a super well respected and world-renowned copywriter.”
Amber Spears, Founder, East 5th Avenue
Affiliate Management Agency

A Big Success

“Mike Pavlish did a great job copywriting for our docu-series, Supplements Revealed, which was a big success. I loved having him on this. We’ll work together again for sure.”
Kat Merritt, Revealed Films

Increased Income $287,000 Last Year

“His copywriting Increased my income by $287,600 last year. In my opinion, Mike Pavlish is the best.”
Taki Kahn, McDowell Publishers

Big Winner

“Mike ... you’re a human dynamo! The copywriting is great and a big winner!”
Lou Kriloff, Letter Power Institute, Chicago, IL, Two-Time Winner of the Dartnell National Gold Medal for originality and excellence in letter writing

Conversion Rate Doubled

“Mike Pavlish’s copywriting more than DOUBLED OUR CONVERSION RATE. I’ve hired many copywriters, and I’d say he’s the best money can buy. Plus he is a true gentleman and professional.”
Robert D. Miller, Circulation Concepts

Agora: I’ll Keep Hiring Him

“Mike Pavlish has been EXTREMELY PROFITABLE FOR US OVER THE PAST 7 YEARS ... one promotion after another. I need the best, so I’ll keep hiring Mike.”
Nina Rose, Agora

Pulled 3.5 Times Cost

“MIKE PAVLISH’S BRILLIANT COPYWRITING PULLED 3.5 TIMES ADVERTISING COST! I have hired the best and most expensive A- List copywriters in the world over the past decade. I can vouch for Mike Pavlish’s professionalism and effectiveness.”
Vik Chabra, Nexus Formulas

Steve Gunn: A Monster Winner

“Mike, you wrote a monster winner! Initial results show your sales letter converted great on cold native advertising which is BIG.”
Steve Gunn, OptaNaturals

Best Response in 45 Years

“Your copywriting pulled two to one compared to a big New York ad agency. I have been in business for 45 years and this is the best response ever. The results speak for themselves.”
Dr. David Tavel, House Of Vision

The Very Best for
Weight Loss and Supplements

“In my opinion, Mike Pavlish is THE VERY BEST for weight loss and health supplements. He is scary smart and his copy is unique, hard-hitting and compelling.”
Marc Kaplan, Health Laboratories of North America

A Genius

"Mike Pavlish is a genius - A+"
Bob Bly

Alvin Huang: $12 Million Winner

“We've tested Mike Pavlish's copywriting against 5 other A-list copywriters including many of the top names in the world for sales letters and VSLs.

Mike's copy has won every single time.

For us, Mike Pavlish has been the Steph Curry of copywriters.

Mike wrote our ArticBlast pain relief vsl which has done over $12 million in sales online. He has also wrote other successful offers for us like MetaLean and ConstiSlim. Mike is a copywriter whom we regularly work with as he delivers consistent results.

Great copy is one of the key cornerstones to growing our business, and hiring A-list copywriters like Mike Pavlish has helped us a ton. His fee might seem high at first, but I’ve found it to be a great investment to have big winners consistently that scale and grow my business in competitive niches. It’s a no-brainer to hire Mike and get him working in your corner.”
-Alvin Huang
CEO, TrueGenics and Simple Promise (leading health supplement companies)

Stefan Georgi: Talented Copywriter

“Mike Pavlish is a very experienced and talented copywriter.”
Stefan Georgi

We’ve Hired Many A-List Copywriters

“I’ve happily paid Mike Pavlish over $100,000.00 in the past 3 months. His long-form, emotional story-telling copywriting converts like crazy for our health supplements.”
“The more I pay him means the more money I am making. And Mike’s copy is compliant, he’s very professional, easy to work with, and delivers on time. We’ve hired many A-list copywriters and Mike Pavlish is as good as you can find.”
Marc Sa

Written Countless $10 Million
Plus Winners

“Mike Pavlish is an incredible A-List copywriter. The smartest internet marketers try to get on his schedule. He’s written countless $10 million plus winning promotions in nutra, supplements, health info, beauty, anti-aging and other niches. Mike also writes for dating and golf offers. He specializes in compliant long-form, story-based video and text sales letters. Mike is so humble, kind, and giving...You’d hardly know that he’s sold over $500 million worth of products online. We are thrilled to have him as a member of our exclusive mastermind headed by Justin Goff and Stefan Georgi.”
Brooks Bizz, Copywriters Accelerator

Mike was #1 for Results out of
14 Copywriters We Hired

“We’ve hired 14 of the top copywriters in the world over the years and the #1 for results has been Mike Pavlish. Mike also comes up with great ideas for new products and promotions that have become some of our biggest winners ever. He is professional, reliable, on time, easy to work with and a terrific consultant too. We are very satisfied.”
Scott Long, Health and Energy Publishing LLC

Conversions Tripled

“3 times more orders! It has brought in 320% more orders than the previous version!”
Bill Hudlow, Hampshire Labs

Gary Bencivenga: You Deserve It

“Mike, Congratulations. You’re doing fabulously well, and you deserve it!!”
Gary Bencivenga, universally acknowledged as the world’s greatest living copywriter (now retired)

Made Me Millions

“I have paid Mike Pavlish over $1 Million because he has made me many times this in extra profits.”
Bruce Mclenehan, Imperial Marketing

Millions in Increased Revenue

“Mike Pavlish’s copywriting for our online video sales letter resulted in a new control that generated millions of dollars in increased revenues for us.”
Marty Fahncke, Barton Publishing

Grand Slam Home Run Winner

“The Biokrill supplement sales letter Mike Pavlish wrote is a control-beating, grand slam home run winner! It is pulling terrific with a very high average order size ... resulting in a great ROI!"
Rob Reiss, Swiss Labs and Sweitz Health

Winners, Winners, Winners

“That’s what Mike Pavlish has written us over the years. And he comes up with breakthrough concepts that enlarge our universe and work like charm.”
Jack Kuhnemund, Healthier You

Most Successful Mailing in 24 Years

“I’ve used over a dozen copywriters over the past 24 years. Who’s the best? Mike Pavlish. He delivers winners over and over. He wrote my most successful mailing ever last year.”
Obie Obendorfer, NMS Publishing

Beats Other Copywriters

“Mike your copywriting consistently beats other top copywriters. I look forward to working with you for many years to grow our business.”
Kevin Brandes, Westport Enterprises

Delivered on His Promises

“Mike Pavlish delivered on his promises and we are very impressed.”
Suzanne Goodman, Mcgraw-Hill

Fresh Ideas and Strong Copy

“If you’re looking for a seasoned pro who delivers fresh ideas and strong copy, Mike Pavlish is your man.”
Jesse Cannone, Healthy Back Institute

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