Mike Pavlish

2022 Year In Review and 2023 Surprising Predictions

This year, I wrote 20 long form VSLs or sales letters, all selling
health supplements, information or coaching.

I have received results back on 15 of these. 12 were winners (80%),
2 did ok and still optimizing (13%), 1 was a failure (7%).

It was another extremely successful year for my clients and myself.

Best categories: digestion/constipation, pain relief, weight loss

Worst categories: stress, sleep

Long copy is still outpulling short copy.

2023 Predictions

Best categories for 2023: tinnitus, blood sugar, nerve pain,
prostate, digestion/constipation, pain relief, weight loss, dog supplements

Hot Trend: ad > vsl selling test kit > call selling coaching program

Surprising prediction for 2023:

A.I. is a helpful tool, but it is no panacea like many are making it out to be; A.I. will only ever write C or B- level copy, but A level copy is needed to succeed for front-end promotions to cold audiences in every competitive product and service category today.

Most businesses will rely too much on A.I., so marketers who use it in the right context will gain a huge competitive advantage.

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