Mike Pavlish

The Gain/Escape Copywriting Tip

All copywriting includes the benefits to be gained

But the most successful copywriting ALSO includes …

the NEGATIVES that will be REMOVED from the buyers life.


People are even MORE motivated to ESCAPE a NEGATIVE
than they are to gain a positive.

If you only talk about gaining positives, you are missing out
on a more powerful aspect of human motivation.

Plus, different people respond to different triggers. The more
selling strategies you use, the more people you will sell.

Let me give you an actual example of how this Gain/Escape copywriting strategy works.

This example is from a VSL I wrote for a constipation
relief supplement that will sell over $10 million.

The copy talks about the positives of having a
constipation-free life of course.

But here’s the key:

The copy spends just as much time talking about how the
buyer will ESCAPE her current problems like:

  • escape the pain from cramps and bloating
  • no longer miss out on fun things because of this
  • no longer be crabby or moody
  • not have that “belly bulge” any longer from bloating
  • escape from worry and fear of letting out gas in public
  • no longer have to worry about needing the bathroom
    in an emergency
  • end worry over long term health problems from this
  • escape the relationship problems this causes
  • escape the feeling of being fat and bloated
  • stop being tired because of the digestive problems

    So remember to talk about escape from problems in addition
    to gaining benefits.

    It’s VERY effective.

    But most of the copywriting I critique does a poor job of this.

    Apply this Gain/Escape copywriting tip — and watch your
    conversion rate and income soar.

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