Mike Pavlish


Many people are SHOCKED when point this out …

Great copywriting results come from a lot of hard THINKING and include:

* market niche and product selection

* thinking like your prospect is thinking

* market research to determine customer desires

* research to find compelling mechanisms, hooks

and reasons why

* positioning

* offer creation

* psychology

* persuasion.

* imagination

Key Point: A lot of the above does NOT involve the writing of words.

If you make the right promise to the right people, with the right big idea, with great proof and positioning, with an enticing offer, with good psychology and selling technique … even decent writing will result in a sales letter that is a BIG WINNER.

But if these key factors are wrong, even the best writing in the world will NOT make the sales letter a winner.

So what’s the take-away?

Put as much time into THINKING as you do into WRITING.

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