Mike Pavlish

Getting To Know Me

I started as an entrepreneur at the ripe old age of 14. I had a newspaper delivery route, and soon I had three other boys delivering papers for me.

At age 15, I started buying and selling coins and sports collectables at auctions and shows along with my older brother.

I started my first real company at age 16. It was a coupon mailing company like Val-Pak. After struggling for the first few years, I built it up to 12 salesman and sold it to a competing company.

At age 17, I started studying Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, John Caples and other master copywriters. I started selling my own info-products by direct mail and space ads. This led me to a life-long love affair with copywriting which I’ve used throughout my entrepreneurial life and of course as a copywriter.

In 1988, Gary Halbert invited me to speak at his seminar and work with the attendees. When I told him I was getting married a week after the seminar, he said, “Screw the wedding; this is important!”

I’ve been a direct response copywriter ever since, always trying to learn from the best and get better every day.

Along the way, I’ve started and sold businesses that were built by my copywriting. One of these had a nutritional supplement that was sold in over 34,500 retail stores including all the Walmarts, Walgreens, CVS and Target stores.

(That’s the good part. The bad part is I was so stressed-out from ramping up this business so fast, I had a heart attack and almost died.)

It was personal honor to have the great Dan Kennedy turn over his top private copywriting and consulting clients to me, a vow of trust I’ll never forget.

I’m a fervent supporter of Big Brothers-Big Sisters, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and local mental health agencies.

On a personal note, I enjoy traveling, investing, reading legal thrillers, golfing, watching sports, photography, collecting artwork, interesting conversation, and great food.

I’m crazy about my beautiful wife of 31 years, my daughter, my son and our shih tzu dog.