Mike Pavlish

What wins in copywriting – talent or hard work?

I have coached 110+ direct response copywriters and seen everything about them close up.

Some of these copywriters had great natural talent.

Some had mediocre talent, some even less.

Their learning and work effort ranged from pathetic to fantastic.

The copy that converts the highest most often came from copywriters with mediocre talent who learn constantly and work their ass off.

Hard work beats more talent when talent doesn’t work hard, and this happens a lot.

If you’re a copywriter, always be learning and work your butt off.

If you’re an offer owner, put a lot of importance on how much a person learns and how hard they work when you hire.

Finally, A.I. has made most copywriters and marketers lazier, and worse.

So the small number who learn and work hard are even more valuable today

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