Mike Pavlish


How to get my personal 1-1 help with your copywriting

I can now be your PERSONAL copywriting coach.

Each week, I will work with you personally 1-1 to:

… come up with great new “big ideas”.

… make your copywriting “pop out” and get attention with dynamite openings.

… hook the prospect into reading or watching.

… research for unique mechanisms to make your offer unique.

… write salivating copy to build a ton of desire.

…. prove everything like an ace courtroom attorney would.

… make a great offer.

… get the prospect to order now.

… get the prospect to spend more.

And that’s not all.

I can also help you overcome writer’s block, come up with powerful new leads and headlines to test, write great emails, write faster, and even help you to get more good clients if that’s what you want.

Who am I? What’s my track record?

If you want huge success and longevity as a copywriter, I’m your man. Unlike a lot of newer coaches, I’ve prospered through six recessions, and over a dozen major market changes.

I have been a direct response copywriter for 32 years. I go all the way back to writing copy for the legendary Gary Halbert. I keep a low profile, but my copywriting has sold over $810 Million in products and services.

I wrote two of the most successful VSLs of all time (Artic Blast and Xitox). I charge $22,500 to write a long-form sales letter or video sales letter and am booked solid, and busier now than ever.

You can see dozens of testimonials about me and samples of my copywriting on my website, www.mikepavlish.com

In short, my copywriting works.

And I can teach you everything I know.

OK, so here’s how I can be your personal coach:

*** We will have a weekly Zoom call, so 4 calls per month.

Each call will be 90 minutes. I’ll review your copy and make suggestions and answer your questions.

Each call will also feature my detailed analysis of a successful current promotion, my big lesson of the week, and a great AI prompt you can use for your copywriting.

*** All Zoom call recordings will be sent to you afterwards so you can watch them again to re-enforce what you learned.

The cost is only $497 a month with no long-term commitment. Go month by month. You can cancel anytime.

I will only allow eight people into this group for the weekly calls so everyone can get their copy improved.

You will also learn a ton as you watch me improve the copy of the other members in our little power group.

You can sign up here:

Or if you want to ask me questions first, just email me.

There are only 5 spots remaining, and they will sell out fast. The first weekly Zoom call with be on Wednesday or Thursday.

If you are serious about becoming an A-list copywriter and making more money, or selling a lot more for your business, I think this is the best investment you could ever make.

In fact, I’ll even guarantee your satisfaction:

Try it for two months. If you don’t think it is a GREAT investment for ANY reason, just let me know and I will refund 100% of what you paid with no questions asked and we’ll still be friends. Do we have a deal?

Click this button to sign up before it is sold out:

Mike Pavlish

The Home Run Copywriter

P.S. Here’s what people say about my Weekly Copywriting Coaching Group:

“Mike elevates my copy from good to GREAT! He's a sharp marketer with a keen eye for weak spots that would cost my clients money. With Mike's help, I'm getting high praise from my clients and landing repeat work!”
Roman Alvarado
“Mike's advice is absolutely invaluable. He's able to see the changes in copy that you'll need to advance your business to the next level (and quickly). If you're serious about getting actual results for your business, I highly recommend Mike's copywriting expertise.”
Vincent Turner
“The investment I made in Mike's coaching paid off on the first call itself. Having your work vetted from a copywriting wizard like Mike is extremely valuable. He answered all my questions and gave me personalized feedback - which is a total game changer.”
Ash Mehta
“Sign up for Mike’s coaching. Attend your first zoom call. Ask him all your questions, even the craziest ones. Then you'll be convinced that he's not only the best copywriter, but also an excellent coach!”
Hugo Curvat
“Mike your copy beat the crap out of a test against AI copy!”
Frank Ward, Health-Energy-Longevity

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