Mike Pavlish

2 Keys To Success of a NEW OFFER

I’d say about 10% of the new offers turn out to be big winners in this industry.

Sadly that means 90% of the new offers are NOT big winners even though the owner put in the exact same time, effort and expense.

That’s only a 1 in 10 “hit” rate.

What a shame, isn’t it?

So what makes the difference?

I know there are many factors, but I’m going to tell you which factors make the biggest difference.

This is based on my having conceptualized and written literally HUNDREDS of big winning offers in DR over the last 32 years.

Some people will say its the price, the graphic design, the urgency, the close, etc.

Truth is, its NONE of these.

You can also throw out the colors used, and all the little things like that.

It’s damn hard to name the two most important factors to having a very successful offer, but if I had to, I would say it’s these:

#1 Offer Success Factor:

You have to know what the prospect wants and doesn’t want in detail, and then promise this in your offer.

This requires intense market research or experience in the niche.

You can’t assume or you will become the “ass” in that word. This research takes a lot of hard work and digging.

If you doubt my #1 reason, then why do super successful companies like Proctor & Gamble spend Billions of dollars on market research over time.

#2 Offer Success Factor:

You have to make your product or service be or sound different and better than all the competing offers the prospect can buy.

People Google and look around before they buy. They look at other products like yours.

Yours must sound different, unique, better. This often involves coming up with a new and unique Mechanism of the problem or the solution of how your product works.

Oh and by the way, these two reasons are why “formula” copywriting and “copy the winners” copywriting usually does not work.

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