Mike Pavlish

How Tapping Into ANGER can Increase Conversion Rates

Anger is a great emotion to use in selling, and this includes
direct response copywriting.

It is an “action now” emotion.

Target an enemy your prospects are angry at.

That keeps them from their goal.

WHO are your prospects ANGRY AT?

And WHAT are they angry ABOUT?

It can be:

… doctors that just prescribe drugs instead of discuss natural remedies.

… investment advisors that don’t even beat the stock market average.

… scam business opportunities that take their money but don’t deliver on their promises.

… expensive anti-aging cosmetics that don’t work.

The list is endless.

Tap into this pre-existing anger and watch your sales explode.

A very effective way to use anger is to target an enemy.

You’ll want to identify for your prospect somebody or something that has done them wrong and justifies their anger.

To trigger the anger emotion and leverage it, think of the things
that are unjust or unfair in the prospects life.

These usually produce anger.

Start pushing these buttons.

Show how the enemy has harmed your prospect’s life.

Your prospect will soon feel angry over getting “scammed”

and seething over the unfairness of it all.

Then swoop in with your product or service as “the hero”

that will deliver justice and do it with honesty.

Anger is an “action emotion”.

It’s a great selling tool.

That’s why A-list copywriters use it to increase sales.

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