Mike Pavlish

Advertising Secret: People Want to Buy the #1 Product, So Be #1 at Something

This advertising critique is of the Salesforce billboard above.

To all of you who criticize this billboard … I say … you are … dead-wrong!

The critics say it should talk about the customer and not the company (this is usually true), or it shouldn’t brag, or this company’s products suck (not the point), or don’t criticize your competitors (wrong),

Let me tell you why this billboard is great advertising.  Most people follow the leader.  They want to “fit in”.  IT buyers may talk till the cows come home about how much research they do, but they are also thinking, “What CRM can I buy that won’t get me fired if it doesn’t work out great?”

Salesforce, by being #1 and the market leader, gives the IT buyer this level of safety.  This is the same situation that IBM enjoyed back in their glory days when they were the market leader.  There was even a famous saying: “nobody ever gets fired for buying from IBM”.

Something in our subconscious mind says “If it is #1, then it must be good, so I’ll buy it”.

In advertising, knowing human nature is as important as knowing market research.

Takeaway:  YOU can figure out and name what YOUR BUSINESS is #1 at … and then feature THAT in your advertising.  Go ahead and get creative.  There are no “rules” as long as its true.  Perhaps it is “#1 in Houston for making male executives over 50 look great with a new haircut” or “#1 in Topeka for Fresh Seafood Selection!” or “#1 supplier of next day transmission delivery for 1980’s Chevrolets” or “#1 course for Facebook ad buying for Realtors on a limited budget” or “#1 energy supplement that uses natural ingredients and Asian Tree Bark” or “#1 book on how to save your marriage using my unique TNT method”.  See what I mean?

Do this my friend, and watch your sales skyrocket.

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