Mike Pavlish

Successful Copywriting is Only 1/3 About The Words

Successful direct response copywriting is:

… 1/3 PSYCHOLOGY (what benefits does your prospect
want the most, what are they thinking now, what are
their main objections, etc.)

… ⅓ RESEARCH (what makes your product different and
superior to competing choices)

… and ⅓ WRITING (great salesmanship in print)
Yes, only 1/3 is the actual writing!

This is very important:

If you get the first two things WRONG, it doesn’t matter if
you have the greatest copywriter in the world – the copy
will FAIL.

(This is why a lot of great copywriting fails!)

Don’t believe me? Just see the samples on my website.

Most of these have sold millions of dollars of each
product and service.

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