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MIke Pavlish’s Power Of Unspoken Desires

To write a sales letter that is a big winner in highly competitive direct response niches today, you need an “edge”. Using the power of Unspoken Desires gives you this edge.

Unspoken desires are customer benefits and desires that are NOT found by using traditional market research methods, yet these are the most powerful motivating reasons people buy a product or service.

Unspoken desires are NOT found by traditional market research methods because these desires are too embarrassing for a person to admit in public, are not always politically or socially “correct”, do not make the customer look like a perfect person to other people, are embarrassing to admit, are too personal to reveal, are unable to even admit to themself, or they are unconscious desires the customer may not even be consciously aware of.

By finding and using unspoken desires in your marketing, you can increase your conversion rate, sales and profits substantially.

This will give you a huge competitive advantage over competitors who only use the customer benefits found by traditional marketing research methods of studying competitors ads, searching forums, using google and talking to customers.

For example, almost no research from forums will say socially unacceptable things like a person wants to get back at their ex spouse, or they want to finally beat their friend at tennis or golf who always teases them, but these unspoken desires can be the biggest purchase motivators of all.

Here are some examples of unspoken desires for a supplement that helps ease joint pain:

** Become the expert in pain relief and have other people ask me for advice

** Not feel humiliated in front of friends and family because of the pain grunt sounds I make

** Stop being afraid my kids will throw me into an old age home against my will because they think I need it for my safety from falling down

** I can be more physically appealing to a certain member of the opposite sex

** I can walk more without pain and finally go on my dream trip to Italy – and brag to all my friends and family about

** Get back to doing my favorite intimate position that pain made me stop doing

** Have the increased energy to do the volunteer work that would soothe my soul

** Be more popular and make new friends because I’m happier and more social because I’m not in pain all the time

** End my secret opioid or alcohol addiction caused by my pain
Stop treating my spouse and family so bad and hurting them with my anger and temper caused by my pain

** Finally beat my friend in tennis or golf who always teases me
Be able to walk so I lose weight and look good to show my ex what they gave up (revenge)

When you add these unspoken desires on top of the conventional benefits you get from conventional market research, the combined power of this can increase your response substantially.

The unspoken desires tap into deep-seated prospect wants, build excitement, trigger curiosity, ignite lost passion, burn the fuel of desire, add possibilities of a different and better life, trigger emotions, all of which lead to higher response and income.

The absolute best copywriters use their imagination to go beyond the common benefits that every promotion in a niche uses and tap into something MORE powerful by also using these unspoken desires.

To determine these unspoken desires of your target market, you need to develop your imagination, use your life experience, and you can also use the system of role-playing, questions and thoughts I have developed over the past twenty years.

Imagination is probably the most important tool you can use. Albert Einstein famously said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

As a direct response copywriter for nutritional supplements, I also hire a Psychologist who works with people who suffer from the health problem I am writing a sales letter for.

People reveal everything to their trusted therapist. The Psychologist anonymously and compliantly tells me what the unspoken desires of my target market are.

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