Mike Pavlish

How To Develop a New Product

A great product is the best copywriter.

A great product nearly sells itself when presented.

It has built-in competitive advantageous that prospects
want and will pay for.

When prospects see it, they want to buy it now.

The product name conveys the benefit.

It has sufficient or overwhelming proof.

*** That’s why I always spend a lot of time with my
clients to develop great products. ***

The opposite of this is also true …

If you have a bad product or me-too product …

A great copywriter can make it sound better …

But all he is doing is putting lipstick on a pig.

And when the dust settles, it’s still a pig.

I highly recommend you develop great products.

In the long run, this will pay off in spades.

This is how very profitable and long-term businesses are built.

With a great product, you get world of mouth advertising, great customer reviews, and repeat purchases.

It all starts with a superior product.

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