Mike Pavlish

*** Why My Online Video Sales Letter Pulls 4% To Cold Traffic ***

While most marketers would kill for 1.5% or 2% response to cold traffic, I recently wrote an online video sales letter that is pulling 4% to cold traffic, and over 5% in some cases.

The product is Artic Blast, pain relief drops from the fastest growing company in the health supplement industry, TrueGenics.

What are the keys to this massive response? My research came up with some dynamite video footage from an old “60 minutes” TV segment on the main Ingredient in this product, DMSO. I used this built-in credibility to tell a long and convincing story about how it has been used effectively for pain relief by many superstar athletes and Hollywood celebrities … then how the drug companies tried to discredit it because they could not patent it and make a fortune from it.

Viola! Huge sales were created using this copywriting approach on what otherwise would have been a commodity-like product with commodity-like copywriting that would have pulled “average” response rates.

The bottom line: To have a big winner in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, you need in-depth research to find a great “hook”, then about two months of daily full-time copywriting by someone who has done this for decades and knows what works best. Anything less and the odds are heavily against you having a big winner.

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