Mike Pavlish

What ChatGPT Does NOT Want You To Know About Copywriting

ChatGPT or a similar AI site will produce C or B- level copy for you.

Then you take this copy and do one of two things with it:

If you ARE a great copywriter yourself, you’ve just found a great timesaver to get yourself a first draft rough copy of a sales letter, email or ad.

If you are NOT a great copywriter, you can share this copy with your copywriter so he/she can then revise, edit, polish, add, subtract and otherwise improve the copy to make it A level,

AI is going to give you a decent first draft if you know the right prompts to use. The copy will be on a C or B- level.

This CAN WORK GOOD for blog posts, SEO articles, and Emails to a warm buyer or prospect list.

But AI generated copy is NOT, repeat NOT going to be successful to cold traffic where you need A level copy like Ecom pages, hybrid pages, sales letters and VSLs.

For these types of promotions to cold traffic, your copy needs to be A level to work well enough to scale, be profitable, and grow your business.

To get to this level, it will require the experience and expertise of a master copywriter.

You can think of it like having a surgery. A nurse is the AI who preps you for the surgery. A master copywriter is the surgeon who does your surgery.

(You definitely do NOT want the nurse performing your surgery.)

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