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The Internet Marketing Mistake Costing You A Fortune

I see many online marketers spending 50 to 100 times more money to generate traffic to their website than they spend to convert these visitors once there!

This is like spending a fortune putting people in front of good prospects, but not training them beforehand to sell!

I think this is completely backwards! This is insanity!

No wonder online conversion rates are so low. Almost everybody’s working on the wrong thing.

Increasing your onsite conversion is the smartest investment you can make for your business. Lets look at the numbers, based on an average first sale net profit of $50.

If you just recognize the misguided efforts of most online marketing, you will be 100 times better off than most of your competitors.

You’ll have more customers, and you will have spent less to get them.

So, why do most websites NOT convert better?

The reason is partly to do with confusing your goal (which is to make sales) with SEO and site optimization. I also see unclear value propositions, unclear business strategies and a huge lack of good copywriting.

For example, what really drives me mad is companies that should know better have websites that try to sell products by just having sections of copy on them like “description” and “ingredients” … then wonder why it doesn’t sell! (Would this same lame copy sell if you mailed it out? Of course not!)

How The Most Profitable Internet Marketers Do It. The results from some websites are now starting to get close to the bricks and mortar average of 50%, so it shows that great sales results can be achieved online.

These companies are way ahead of the rest of the ecommerce world in terms of conversion rates.

Great copywriting is the key. They invest in the best copywriting they can find. Yes Virginia, the old rules still apply. They pay for a proven direct response marketing copywriter to write their copy.

You get what you pay for, and reap the results. A cheaper copywriter usually delivers copy that does NOT work. The results stink or are fair at best. The result: You lose a lot of time, money and opportunity.

Great copywriting regularly produces 300% to 1,000% more sales and profits than mediocre copywriting does. This multiplies your income and customer base in a fraction of the time, with less risk and less anxiety.

For example, as a smart businessperson, would you rather invest $10,000 on copywriting that makes you a fortune …. or “only” $2,000 on copywriting that leaves you struggling?

What’s the point of driving traffic to your website if it doesn’t sell them?

The solution is for you, the business owner, to take back control. Remember, SEO/SEM, design, PPC, Facebook Twitter, etc are all just tools that need to be used correctly, and driven to a website with great copywriting that converts like crazy!

Put a lot more money and effort into better copywriting to sell people once they land on your website or landing pages. In other words, invest more in conversion.
(Mike Pavlish is a direct marketing copywriter for natural health products and nutritional supplements since 1988. He has written many of the most successful marketing pieces of the last three decades. His clients include the most successful natural health companies in the world. Mike writes new and re-writes direct mail promotions, websites, landing pages, video sales letters, tele-seminars, brochures, sales letters, email, magalogs, long copy promotions, back-end
promotions, upsells, TV and radio ads. )

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