Mike Pavlish

The Best Way To Work With Me

I’ve had 3 very long term “partnerships” with clients over
the years.

I was their only copywriter.

I made them countless millions of (extra) dollars with my
copywriting and advice, and made their business life a lot

I lived and breathed their business.

I came up with new ideas and new tests for them constantly.
(This does NOT happen with one-shot copywriting projects
or clients.)

They paid me very handsomely, and treated me like

A true win-win.

It’s a mistake that more DR business owners don’t put
effort into developing a great long term partnership
with a great copywriter who can make them a fortune
and make their life 10 times easier.

There’s a lot of short term only thinking out there today.

And it’s a lose-lose for both sides.

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