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The 3 Costliest Mistakes You Can Make On Your Website

When you are strategizing your website, the 80/20 rule is very important to remember.

That is, 80% of your website’s success will come from only 20% of everything that is on the website.  These 3 costly website mistakes can affect this vital 20% group and cost you a lost fortune.

Costly Website Mistake #1 …

NOT capturing the website visitors email address for follow-up email solicitations.

Let’s say 2% of your website visitors make a purchase. With that, you might feel you’re doing well.  But think about this: If you do not capture the email address of every visitor, you have just wasted the time, energy and MONEY it cost you to generate 98% of your traffic.

Yep, you’ve wasting 98% of the time and money you spent. Obviously, this is bad business.

Can you afford to throw out 98%? I sure can’t.

Costly Website Mistake #2 …

NOT getting some action from your prospects on their first visit to your

If you have done any direct selling, one thing you learn very quickly is that if you do not get the prospect to do something on their first visit, the chances of them doing so later go way, way down.

I once had a manager who called people who said they would “think it over” and do something soon “be-backs”. He had a saying I have never forgotten: “Be-Backs will make you Broke”. Applying it has helped me make a fortune in marketing, and it will help you do the same.

Marketing novices think most people will bookmark or remember their website and come back at a later time to order. The truth is that most people will not. That may seem too blunt, but you know I always give you the straight skinny of the way things really work in the real world.

So, to make that all-important immediate sale to your website visitors, you should make sure your copywriting is very, very strong and builds a lot of excitement about your product or service.

Three techniques that I have used successfully dozens of times are:

  1. Offer a low-priced “introductory” product or service to get people to try your business and see how good it is.
  2. Offer a “today only special offer”.
  3. Offer a “free bonus gift on all orders placed today”.
  4. Offer something valuable in exchange for their email address and send follow-up emails to them frequently.

Costly Website Mistake #3 …

NOT sending follow-up emails offering products to your email list at least once a week.

If you want your website to make an incredible income for you … plus help more of your prospects at the same time … you absolutely must (repeat: you must) send emails to your email list selling something at least 1 time every week.

If you do not have that many of your own products, then you should find and sell other quality products made by other companies through “affiliate programs”.
These 3 tips will make your website sell a lot more and skyrocket your bottom line.

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