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How To Hire A Direct Response Copywriter Who Gets You The Highest Response Rate For The Best Price (The 4 keys, the biggest mistake and a little-known secret that can make you wealthy)

It can be difficult to choose the best direct response copywriter for your needs. There are a lot of choices and fees vary tremendously. That’s why I wrote this based on 30 years in the business to help you make an informed, intelligent decision.

When you sell by direct response marketing, your copywriting either makes or breaks your business. If your copywriting is successful, you make money and your business grows. If your copywriting does not work, your business fails.

Successful copywriting is the key to your success. You can have the best products, executive team, media buying, and customer service, but if your copywriting doesn’t sell enough of your product, none of these matters one bit.

The sales results from different copywriters varies by 500% and more. This means, for example, going for a direct sale, one copywriter will get you a 0.50% response rate whereas another copywriter will get you a 2.50% response rate. This is the difference between a failed promotion and one that makes millions of dollars in profit.

Therefore, you must find and hire the best copywriter for your business to profit and grow. When you do, even if you are start small, your business can self-finance itself and the profits you make can be used to grow without the need for additional funds.

1. The first thing you should look for is someone with 20 years or more of experience in your industry as takes this long to really master the craft. 2. The copywriter should show you many samples of their past work, 3. along with a list of clients and 4. testimonials and results from clients.

The biggest mistake I see even smart people make is hiring a copywriter based too much on low price like they are buying a commodity. This is almost always a very costly and often a business-killing mistake.

The most successful people in direct response marketing have learned (often the hard way) that a “cheap” copywriter can ruin their business … while a copywriter whose track record of success demands a higher fee in the marketplace can make them very, very rich.

Your financial life is on the line when you hire a copywriter. If your health was on the line, you’d hire the best surgeon you could find and not the cheapest one, so hire the best copywriter you can find and not the cheapest one.

You want to shop for and hire a direct response copywriter like you would a heart surgeon where your life is on the line. The fee going in will be insignificant compared to the results you will have for a lifetime. Reach for the stars because it will be worth it. You get what you pay for.

For example, here’s what I have seen many times for a 24-page direct mail package or a 40 minute video sales presentation for a nutritional supplement:

$5,000 copywriting fee– didn’t work – out of business – no profit – all investment lost

$20,000 copywriting fee– very profitable – cash flow financed the business growth – owner became wealthy

The copywriter you want to hire will not discount his or her fees and will be too busy for a rush job. They will have a schedule that you will have to wait to get on.

And the best copywriters also demand and get a small percentage of sales their copywriting generates or other type of incentive. These are the “Superstar” copywriters you really want to try to hire if you desire the highest possible response, income and business growth. This incentive arrangement really motivates the copywriter to create a huge winner for you, and to keep your promotion fresh if response begins to fall, and to suggest new business ideas and connections to you so the profits keeps flowing and growing.

Keep in mind a single successful direct response marketing promotion (a single website, landing page, funnel, mailing or ad) can make you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in profits, so hire your copywriter with great care.

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