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Free Publicity For Your Business

Here are several proven story ideas and angles to get free publicity. The normal method is to send out press releases to the editors of publications and media outlets that would have an interest in the story.

1. Make predictions. The media love to run “prediction” stories, especially if they contain something provoking, unexpected or interesting.

2. Stage a crazy demonstration. If your product is indestructible, let your Zoo’s resident Gorilla have a go at wrecking it.

3. Share your David vs. Goliath story. Tell how your small business thrives against your larger competitors. This has a nice built-in human interest appeal to it.

4. Hold a contest with a reward. This can be used for the best entry relating to your business. For example, the best fairytale romance story sponsored by a dating service business. The winning entry would receive a $100 prize.

5. Give your product to celebrities to use. Publicize you sent it to these celebrities. The media, like most people, are very interested in celebrities.

6. Develop an Index. For example, do like our government with the Cost Of Living Index.

7. Create a Hall of Fame. Publicize when you add products or people to it.

8. Tie your company or product in with a popular issue, trend or problem. For example, if everyone is complaining about high gasoline prices, tell how this is creating more demand for your work at home business opportunity.

These ideas can work to increase the visibility, credibility and sales for any business. For more information on how to get free publicity, contact Mike Pavlish, phone (330) 963-0330

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