Mike Pavlish

A Headline Secret That’s Made Me Millions

Using specific numbers in my headlines has made my promotions very successful … and made me millions of dollars.

Why are specific numbers so effective in headlines? Because the reader is curious about them and he believes them.

Here are some examples of specific numbers used in headlines:

– How my business went from $42,193 to $247,875 in sales
in just one year

– Get your work done as well in 8 hours less time each week

– This liquor control system will save you $6,500 a year and it
costs only $2.48 a day

– How to save $1,100 a year on gas and car maintenance

– Save at least $4,000 in taxes this year

– Famous investor shows you how he turned 10k into 31k
last year

– Who else wants to save $3,875 on this executive office

Do you get the idea? Again, specific numbers used in your headlines can increase your response dramatically. They almost always have for me, and this secret has made me a fortune. It can for you too.

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