Mike Pavlish

7 Clever Ideas for Getting Free Publicity

The advantages of press releases to get free publicity
for your business include:

• low cost
• new customers
• added credibility
• increased visibility

Here are 7 clever ideas that are unique and powerful
enough to attract media editors and readers.

1. Develop “top 10” lists. It can be the best, worst, most
popular, least popular, strangest, most interesting,
unusual, cities or towns with the most or least of
something, you get the idea. Editors and readers love

2. Share your survey results. What interesting
information, facts, opinions or trends did your latest
survey reveal?
Your industry readers –or consumers- are very interested
this kind of information.

3. Announce a unique new service on a hot new topic or
trend. Jump on the “what’s hot” bandwagon as it attracts free

4. Create a petition. What are you mad about? What do you
want the government to change? You get the idea. Create a
petition – and publicize it.

5. Find a Dramatic Human Interest story.
You want it to be emotional, unique and/or out the
ordinary. Can be tragic if the outcome is good. It can be
from your employees, customer or suppliers

6. Break a record. Get “The Guiness Book of World Records”
and look for your records you can break. If there are
none, be the first and announce your “new world record”.

7. Get something patented. A U.S. Patent is big news
because it involves something new.


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