Mike Pavlish

5 previous recessions … what I learned and how you can profit from it

This will be my 6th recession since I’ve been in

the direct response business.

Here are five things I’ve learned from previous

recessions, and how you can profit from them:

#1. Most of your competitors will operate out of fear

(the strongest emotion) and cut spending on marketing,

quality, personnel.

If you stay strong and keep these up, you can take your

competitors mindshare, market share, customers, best

employees and profits.

#2. Be on the lookout to buy quality businesses and other

income producing assets on the cheap.

#3. Don’t listen to the negative media.

#4. You may have to add more copy to justify reasons why

spending money to buy your product is worth it. I call this

financial justification.

Talk more about how your product will save the buyer

money and make the buyer money – even for non

financial offers. People need more financial justification

to spend money in a recession.

#5. If you don’t have a low ticket offer, test one because you

may need a lower priced front-end offer during the recession.

(Then ascend your customers to higher priced products once

they know and trust you)

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