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27 Very Successful Headlines for Nutritional Supplement Promotions 

The first thing you absolutely NEED to have a very profitable promotion for a nutritional supplement is a great headline.

The great copywriter John Caples said one headline can pull 19 times more response than another headline with no other change in the copywriting or offer.  Without a great headline, you are like the person who brings a knife to a gunfight —  defeated before you even start.

Here are 27 headlines for nutritional supplement promotions that have been very successful for me.  How successful?  They have earned me over $4 million in copywriting income is recent years alone.

Please remember that each product, client, time and situation is different, so you are not reviewing these in full context.


Health Discovery Astonishes Doctors and Researchers!

Ancient Formula Yields Secrets To A …

Blood Sugar


Natural Discovery Stabilizes Blood Sugar,
Proven To Help Prevent and Eliminate …

High Blood Sugar

Heart Problems

High Blood Pressure

Vision Problems


Digestive Problems
So Powerful and Effective, It’s Patented!

(U.S. Patent No. 5,886,029)


The Amazing

Joint Pain Relief

Your Doctor Doesn’t

Know About


Scientists Believe They Have Finally Discovered

The Underlying Cause Of Many Health Problems

  • PLUS How To Prevent & Reverse Them!

Here’s the discovery:  The air you breathe is making you sick!   It contains far less oxygen than the air you used to breathe.


New Type of Fish Oil Proven 47 Times Better For Your Health Than Regular Fish Oil


Lose 30 Pounds In Just 3 Months …

Three Times More
Weight Than Diet Alone!

Proven in clinical trial and published in professional journal!





You Do NOT Have To Suffer With High Blood Pressure,

Sexual Problems, Fatigue, Breathlessness, Memory Loss

or Heart Problems Any More!


You Don’t Have

To Suffer From These

Health Problems

Any More!


New, Breakthrough all-natural discovery conquers joint discomfort


You can be more ACTIVE and


in just 10 Days …



America’s #1 Killer

And Cause Of Health Problems Now Closer To Being



Relieve Or End Your Health Problems Without Drugs!  The  Nutrient Eaten By  People Who Live 5.1 Years Longer And Have 82%  Less Heart Disease Than Americans!


Leading Dermatologist promises non-drug relief for thousands …

“This Will End Your

Psoriasis And Skin Problems

In Just Hours.”


Hollywood Stars’ Secret Now Available To The Public! The Easy, Healthy, Supercharged  Jump-Start For Anyone Who Wants to Lose Weight FAST!

You Will Lose 5 to

10 Pounds of

Stubborn Weight In

Just 14 Days!!


It is not my intention to upset you.  But I’m sure after you read this, you will be as angry as I am.  Can nutritional supplements REALLY help you beat aging and live much longer?  I’ll reveal the surprising answer, but first, I have to get this off my chest before I explode …

World’s #1 Nutritional Supplement Expert Says:

“I’m Mad As Hell

And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!”

Here is THE SHOCKING TRUTH about many Anti-Aging and Life-Extension Supplements.  The greedy vitamin sellers PRAY you will NEVER see this.  They say this ‘must read’ information  is “none of your business”!


New Health Discovery Astonishes Doctors and Biggest Skeptics!   Frustrated Doctor Finally Ends His Own suffering of 19 years and now helps thousands …

How YOU Can
Relieve or End These 45

Health Problems

of ‘Mystery Illness’


Natural Discovery Helping Men over 50 Enjoy “A Second Youth”!
Perform Better Sexually And Enjoy The Better Health They Had 10-20 Years Ago!


“The Great
Antioxidant Hoax!”

Here’s Why Today’s Popular Supplements are NOT What You Need To End Your Health Problems, Feel Better And Live Longer


“This Amazing New ‘Cell Rejuvenator’ Discovery Can Help End Your Pain, Improve Your Memory, End Your Fatigue,                     Restore Sexual Youth, Shield Your Heart, Help You Live Longer”



New “Food Crystals”  Shut Down Your ‘Hunger Center’ So  You Are Guaranteed To Lose Up To 7 Pounds Every Single Week!


Amazing “Amazon Berry”
Proven To Cleanse Your Heart, Help Prostate, Burn Fat, Add Energy and Boost Your Sexual Performance!


The Amazing Sex Secret

Of The Most Satisfying

Male Lovers in the World!

Here’s how you can perform the best sex of your life, regardless of your age or current problems!  This amazing secret “For Men Only” is dramatically changing men’s (and women’s) lives literally overnight…


Here’s Why 99% Of Prostate Supplements Do NOT                                   Work Good Enough

I call it “The Great American Prostate Pill  Rip Off !”


How This Colon Cleansing Can End Your Fatigue, Pain, Constipation and Other Health Problems … While You Gain More Energy And A Flatter Stomach

“More than 65 different health problems are caused by a toxic colon.”                                                  – Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain


Volume 5, Issue 4          Men’s  Natural Health News                     $7.95

Announcing A Major Advance In Natural Health For Men 50 And Over …

Amazing New “Testosterone Release Supplement”

Skyrockets Sexual Performance,

Removes Excess Weight, Gives Energy To Spare,

Ends Prostate Problems, Strengthens Heart …

Now You Can Feel And

Perform Like You Did Up To 20 Years Ago!

HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, JOHNS HOPKINS, UCLA others have reported on the safety and remarkable health benefits of increased testosterone in mature men



2-Time Nobel Prize Winning Doctor                                                              Recommends This For A Healthy Heart!

Linus Pauling M.D. won the Nobel Prize a record two (2) times and recommends this for a healthy heart and relief from many health problems.  Now you can use it to:

Flush Deadly Plaque From Your Arteries Now …
Before A Heart Attack Kills Or Disables You …
And Relieve Your Health Problems

Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack  — by removing dangerous plaque
Lower Your Risk Of Stroke  — from stopped blood flow to your brain
End Fatigue – have much more energy each day
Lower Your  Blood Pressure — because blood flows more freely through your heart arteries
Lower Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides — so you can live a longer, healthier life
End  Sexual Performance Problems  — from more blood flow to sex organ
Lose Weight Faster and Easier
End Frequent Urination Trips At Nighttime – as prostate problems subside
Pain Relief — as blood flows better through the entire circulation system of your body
Reverse Loss of Memory And Mental Functioning
Normalize Blood Sugar Levels
Fight off infections, colds and  flus
Remove wrinkles, bags and old-looking skin
End sleeping problems
End digestion and bowel problems
Enjoy vision and hearing improvement
Reduce anxiety, stress and worry


The NEW Solution For Fast Joint Pain Relief:

Joint Pain And Stiffness Reduced By 84.1%

Important News For People Suffering From Joint Pain In Their  HAND …KNEE … NECK … ELBOW … HIP … WRIST … SHOULDER … ANKLE  … BACK


Urgent Breaking News for all men over 50, confirmed by studies at HARVARD, MAYO CLINIC, JOHNS HOPKINS and others …

The Prostate Pill

Of The Next Decade

Is Here Now,

Experts Say!

Finally!  All 10 Nutrients Your Prostate Needs For …

NO MORE Having to wake up 2 or 3 times a night to pee

NO MORE Daily fatigue from interrupted sleep

NO MORE Painful or burning sensation when you pee

NO MORE Not feeling your bladder is empty after you go

NO MORE Weak, slow or inconsistent urine stream

NO MORE Need to push or strain to pee

NO MORE Weaker erections or less sexual desire

All  this with NO drugs, NO surgery, NO side effect risk of ending up impotent or having to wear diapers

Now you can prevent illness from bad prostate cells … The Silent Killer that strikes men in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, the “dangerous years”

Here’s why your prostate problems will NEVER get better until you  start taking 10 nutrients, including these 4 “missing nutrients” not found in other supplements.


Doctors And TV Stars Reveal How A

New Discovery From Asia Helps

Overcome The Chemical Imbalance

That Keeps People Fat!

Note:  If you want a breakthrough promotion or headline for your nutritional supplement(s),  can afford my fees and can tolerate my waiting list, please call me at (330) 963-0330.)

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