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10  New Product Ideas For Supplement Promotions From Copywriter Mike Pavlish

I think these new product ideas have very high profit potential as direct marketing promotions.   I have recommended dozens of big winners in the past.

#1.  Multi-nutrient supplement that helps memory, forgetfulness and foggy thinking.  Huge market and growing as people live longer.  A similar product is

#2.  ALA / ALC nutrient combination for anti-aging and other benefits.  There is a lot of scientific research. A similar product is https://www.amazon.com/ALA-ALC-Supplement-Antioxidant-Metabolism/dp/B01M132KQ8

#3.  Cortisol control supplement.  Helps a person with sleep, weight, fatigue, stress, tension, headaches, anxiety, memory loss, blood pressure and heart health.  I could do a theme promotion on how cortisol-related stress is a very damaging in our modern day world, and unless you address it, your health problems may never get better.  A similar product is

#4.  PQQ based supplement for anti-aging and other benefits. A similar product with excellent customer reviews is

Benefits at https://www.selfhacked.com/blog/pqq-review/

#5.  Omega-7 from Palmitoleic Acid.  For blood sugar problems, metabolic syndrome, and atherosclerosis by decreasing insulin resistance, decreasing hepatic fat accumulation, and decreasing chronic inflammation – without evident side effects.  This has not been direct marketed much yet.  It has great clinicals from Cleveland Clinic study.  I’m confident I could write a very successful promotion for it.  Original publicity release:  http://www.tersuspharma.com/news/dr-michael-roizen-joins-scientific-advisory-board/

#6.  The superfood Moringa.  Helps many health problems.  Whoever gets a great promotion out for this should make a bundle.  Benefits at http://moringabenefits.org/

#7.  Astaxanthin supplement for blood sugar, cholesterol, weight loss, vision, skin and more.       Good clinical studies.  A similar product is
http://www.amazon.com/Nutrex-Hawaii-BioAstin-Natural Astaxanthin/dp/B0039ITKU6

Benefits at  https://examine.com/supplements/astaxanthin/

#8.  A DMSO and Aloe Vera combination gel.   For pain relief.  A similar product is  http://www.amazon.com/DMSO-70%25-Aloe-30%25 Ounces/dp/B00016QZ0C/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1361555319&sr=88&keywords=dmso+li uid

#9.  Hearing improvement and ringing in the ears reduction.  Market size is 50 million Americans.  A similar product is  https://www.nutrawayhealth.com/hearclear

#10. A Baobab based supplement for blood sugar, blood pressure, bone strength, immunity, more.


In addition to these new product ideas, three other supplements that are ripe for a huge winner online or in traditional media are heart health, vision improvement and thyroid health.

If you want to develop a promotion for any of these ideas, I may be able to do the
copywriting for you.  Call me to discuss at (330) 963-0330 or email prboosters@aol.com.
My website is www.ProfitBoostersCopy.com

Thank you,  nutritional supplement copywriter Mike Pavlish
(writing big winners for 30 years)

(These ideas are given for information purposes only.  I am not giving any
advice on the legal compliance of these nutrients or products.  I have no financial interest in any        of these.)





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