Mike Pavlish

Why Storytelling Could Be Your Response Breakthrough

Two promotions I wrote for natural health products have been in the top rung of the most successful promotions over the past decade — huge winners that made millions of dollars. And both use personal stories as their main selling device.

Psychology Is On Your Side. Data taken from MRI neuro-imagery reveals that consumers rely more on emotions than intellectual reasoning when making a purchase decision. Brands that incorporate strong storytelling into their strategy bond with consumers through personal feelings and experiences. These emotions play a major role in the buying decision.

Stories Appeal To Everyone. When was the last time you heard someone rave about a PowerPoint presentation they just watched? Yet you hear people rave about inspiring or compelling stories all the time. Stories are easier to remember, contagious, and demographic-proof. Hard data, on the other hand, appeals only to a specific type of learner and consumer.

The Best Story Wins. The result? Brands experience greater ROI and impact when they engage in storytelling. Thanks to the internet, powerful stories are shared endlessly with family and friends, giving brands the opportunity to go viral with their content.

Could a personal story be your response breakthrough?

(Mike Pavlish is a direct marketing copywriter for natural health products and nutritional supplements since 1988. He has written many of the most successful marketing pieces of the last three decades. His clients include the most successful natural health companies in the world. Mike writes new and re-writes direct mail promotions, websites, landing pages, video sales letters, tele-seminars, brochures, sales letters, email, magalogs, long copy promotions, back-end promotions, upsells, TV and radio ads. )