Mike Pavlish

Why Advertising With Great Design and Photography Still Fails

This advertising critique is of the “Body Solid” exercise equipment ad above.

The attractive lady photo?  This still works, especially when selling to men, but even when selling to women because it gets attention.  I’m not sexist.  I’m a realist and I keep my advice real for you here.

The design and photography are fine, but the all-important copywriting (ie words) are poor, and that is the key to an ad that produces results or not.

The prospect reading this ad is comparison-shopping from many companies like this, and this ad gives NO competitive advantages of why to buy from this company instead of their competitors.

This ad should include whatever competitive advantages they have in the areas of warranty, service, price, how long the equipment lasts and customer satisfaction.  These are the benefits that are going to make the company stand out and get the prospect to call them instead of their better-known competitors.

You can’t just list what you sell.  Those days are over.  Too many other companies sell the same thing in today’s very competitive world.  Your advertising must tell prospects the specific reasons why they should do business with you instead of your competitors if you want to stand out and get business.

Takeaway:  Make a list of the specific benefits you give a customer compared to your competitors.  Use this in all of your advertising.  It will pay off in increased sales and profits.

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