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Why Ads That Sound Like Chinese Fortune Cookies Fail

This advertising critique is of the “Parenting Boys” and “Parenting Girls” book ad above.

I need a Kleenex.

This is sad.

Why?  So many of us parents need good advice in today’s crazy i-phone, social media, internet, materialistic, school shooting world.

But we won’t get it from these books because we won’t buy these books because the advertising appeal is wrong.

If you are in the middle of parenting stress (or just seeking knowledge), one of your top concerns is NOT the headline of this ad which is “To have rest at old age, raise quality children today.”

A much better headline would focus on the benefits a parent does want most.  I would split-test two headlines.  The first would focus on eliminating current problems which my friends in the book industry tell me is when a lot of parents buy these books, like:  how to raise a child with less stress, arguments, conflict, disobedience and lying.  The second headline would be on general well-being like:  how to raise a happy, confident, calm and successful child

When it comes to our kids, we tend to be altruistic beings.  We put our kids welfare before our status at old age.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@ImproveYourAds” suffix=””]If you get your main advertising appeal wrong, your advertising will fail no matter how good everything else is.[/inlinetweet]

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Takeaway:  Make sure your headline focuses on the benefits your prospects want the most.

Oh, and one final tip:  don’t have your headline sound like a Chinese Fortune Cookie saying!

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