Mike Pavlish

This unique marketing secret can make you a fortune

Do you want to increase your direct marketing response and profits substantially, which can make you a fortune? This is a unique marketing secret
that really delivers.

You’ll need 8 hours, a luxury hotel room with room service plus all of your marketing materials, research and test results. No phone calls. No emails. No interruptions.

You are going to become a very highly paid marketing consultant, but the difference is, you will be working on and developing breakthroughs to test for your own business.

You see, unless you do this, you will remain too close to the forest to see the trees. You are too bogged down in your industry norms to think about new ideas. You are too involved in daily activities to see the breakthrough big picture ideas that can take your marketing to a whole new level of success.

This is why the world’s smartest and most successful companies and marketers hire outside consultants.

Some of the questions to ask yourself during this time with your “fresh set of eyes” are these:

What’s the best new big idea I can test? Other big new ideas I can test?

What do other successful marketers do in other businesses? Should I test these?

What does my prospect want most from my product or service?

What unspoken objection keeps him from buying? How can I correct this?

Is the main appeal the most effective appeal? What other appeals can I test?

How can I make a much better offer? What would attract many more new customers to try my business for the first time?

What works best for my competitors? How can I make that much better for my business?

If I had unlimited time, talent and money, how would I market my business differently? How can I get closer to this now?

What new type of marketing should I test?

Yes, this is very hard mental work, but everything worthwhile requires hard work. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said, “Most people would rather die than think, and they do.”

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Mike Pavlish

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