Mike Pavlish

12 Of My Multi-Million-Dollar Headlines You Can Modify For Your Own Advertising

It’s no secret you need a great headline to have a successful website, Facebook ad, direct mail piece, online landing page or any direct response promotion.

Your headline is the “make or break” part of your marketing message.  If you get it just right, you can open the flood gates to new customers and profits, but if you don’t nail it, your message will never get read by many people and your responses and sales won’t amount to a hill of beans.

I’ve written over 1,000 headlines and they’ve been tested by clients and for my own businesses.  That is a ton of headlines!  Here are 12 of them that worked fabulously well.  You are free to use them as inspiration for your own product or service.

  1. 1 Weird Spice That Helps Blood Sugar Levels
  2. Doctors Say New Pain Relief Supplement TWICE As Effective As Others
  3. Audit-Proof Tax Savings … Right From The IRS’s Own Rulings!
  4. How To Safely Grow Richer From the Largest Consumer Boom In World History
  5. Now Use Your Computer To Easily Design The Picture Perfect Garden or Landscaping In 90 Minutes
  6. How Any Dentist Can Get More Patients Using This One Simple Advertising Strategy
  7. $500,000 In Life Insurance – Now Only $8.12 a Week
  8. 2-Minute Sleep Solution
  9. Desperate Man With Terrible Back Pain For 21 Years Finally Finds Answer
  10. HGTVs “Flip Or Flop” Stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa Reveal Secrets To Making Money Flipping Real Estate In Your City
  11. Doctors and TV Stars Reveal How A New Discovery From Asia Helps Overcome The Chemical Imbalance That Keeps People Fat
  12. The Biggest Natural Pain Relief Cover-Up In World History Exposed
  13. You Are One Step Away From Much Younger-Looking Skin
    (These 118 Before and After Photos Prove It)

In my 30 years as a direct response copywriter selling over $418 million in products and services, I’ve seen countless times where a different headline has increased response to a website, landing page, social media ad or mailing by 2X, 3X, 4X even 5X and more

That means 2 to 5 times more sales for the same advertising cost!

Remember it doesn’t matter how good the copy is on your website or landing page if your headline doesn’t get the prospect interested, curious and “hooked” enough to read on. That’s why I often quote “your first 10 words (headline) are more important than your next 1,000 words”.

I have a lot of smart direct marketers who hire me to write new headlines for them because they know it is the key component of a successful promotion.  They hire me to write this for new promos they are testing and for current promos they are running.  My fee to write a new headline is only $2,000 and you can order by calling me at (330) 963-0330, email mike@mikepavlish.com  or through my website at www.mikepavlish.com