Your ‘Sleep Well Guarantee” (the same since 1988)

Hire me with complete confidence.  I guarantee to deliver on time, on budget and on target—every time. I will also deliver up to two revisions for copywriting projects, as needed.

How to order: Ask for invoice/bill to pay online by credit card or send 50% deposit to:  Mike Pavlish, 525 Club Drive, Aurora, OH 44202.  Terms for new clients:  50% deposit with order; balance 5 days before copywriting submitted.

After I receive your deposit, I will call you with any questions.  Then after I send you the copywriting, I will call you to discuss it.  If you have any questions before ordering, call (330) 963-0330 or email me.

IS It Worth the Cost?

If you are not experienced in direct response marketing, you may wonder, “is it worth it to pay the fees of an A-level direct response copywriter with my track record?”

Well, take a look at some numbers, then decide for yourself.

Here’s how the numbers look...

To make it simple, let’s use these examples: 

  1. Your business spends $10,000 a month on advertising. (It could be on anything:  Facebook ads, Google Search, content blogging, direct mail, radio, tv – or any combination of these.
  2. It costs you an average of $1 in advertising to get each person to your website.
  3. Your business makes an average of $600 in profit in the first year for each new customer you get from your advertising.
  4. If you do your own copywriting, your adverting will get a 1% response. If you hire a low priced or “job board” copywriter, it will get a 1.3% response.  If you hire an A-level direct response copywriter, it will get a 3% response.
Response Rate
0 %
0 %
Lower Level
0 %
New Customers
First Year Profit
Advertising Cost
Profit or Loss
$38,000 Loss
$6,000 Loss
$116,000 Profit
Copywriter Fee
Net Profit or Loss
$ 0 Loss
$ 0 Loss
$ 0 Profit

If you don’t have successful advertising that works, your business will never make good money or grow.  I can’t think of anything that is a better investment for your business than great A-level copywriting, because unless you have copywriting that sells your products or services, you can’t have a successful business.

The myth of relying on social media and word of mouth only works for an extremely small percentage of businesses.  You only hear about the success stories.  You don’t hear about all the failures.  It is NOT something smart to rely on. 

If you do NOT have successful advertising that works, you have a $200,000 advertising problem right now

Here’s why.  If you want to make $100,000 a year from your business for all your hard work and risk, but don’t have the successful advertising to make this happen … this is costing you $100,000 a year.

And all the time spent on working on your own business could be spent working for someone else and making money, so you are losing out on this income also.  If you put a value of this at $100,000 also and add the two up….

….that means you have a $200,000 advertising problem right now.

If you had a $200,000 problem with your house, wouldn’t you spend $10,000 to fix it?  Of course you would.  This is the same thing. 

This is VERY important, so please read this carefully…

First, great copywriting that works COSTS YOU NOTHING and in fact makes you tons of money.  It’s not a cost – it’s an unbeatable return-on-investment.  

Second, great copywriting is NOT a commodity you can shop by price like a bag of potatoes.  You get what you pay for.  What seems most expensive at first usually turns out to be the cheapest  and the best return on investment.  

Warning:  The most expensive copywriting you can buy is “cheap” copywriting that does not work!

My fees reflect the high demand for my copywriting due to my track record for writing breakthrough promotions that substantially increase leads, sales and profits.

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